Comfort is for Wimps is a philosophy and it exists to open minds and let the flies in. 

It’s to inspire people to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, and it gives me a reason to expose my bits and pieces in public. It’s to help us think not only like Tom, Dick & Harry but also like Priscilla, Shrek and even Karen. Because we need to give our biases a good shake up every now and then.

It’s an excuse to try new things because old things make moldy minds. And it’s a constant reminder that experiencing fear and awkward moments ultimately leads us to feeling jazzy.

I like learning and looking at the weird way the world works. I don’t do things because I’m fearless, I do things because I’m so fearful. I don’t pretend to know everything because I know that I know nothing.

Comfort is for Wimps is a way of thinking and doing. My values are honesty, curiosity, authenticity and kindness. But I can also be a bit of a jerk.

I want to make Comfort is for Wimps contagious, so I don’t wear a mask and I cough confidence onto people.