Copywriter, strategist and marketer by trade. Storyteller, traveller and blogger by passion.

As a compassionate Gen Y thinker, I feel a strong urge to inspire open mindedness and exploration below the surface, particularly in a world poisoned by media propaganda and stereotypes.

Central to this is obtaining a better grasp on the world and the people you share it with so that you’re able to form your own opinions, judge less, empathise more and all round not be unpleasant. Because xenophobia is about as becoming as road kill, isn’t it.


Travel far.

Travel is And you’ve heard it before because it’s bloody true. Being as far away from the comfort of your culture as possible is how you get your subconscious fiddled with and your mind cracked open wider. This is where the unexpected experiences are born, where you learn new things, actively and passively. Where you unconsciously absorb what you observe and gobble up the microscopic seeds of enlightenment that seep into your big old brain to influence the way you think.

Travel near.

Coming soon.

Do something nice.

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Do something weird.

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