Core values and moral high-horses

This is 2018 Comfort is for Wimps.

Right, it’s 2018. Let’s all get to business. Have you written your goals down? Share them with me.

You haven’t? What the hell? It’s 2018, aren’t we all reading self-help books now?

If you’re not, try this one. It’s about how to self improve your ass without getting busted doing it (it’s not a fitness book on increasing booty size in private). Three women in my extended family are reading it RIGHT NOW and they’re like, the epitome of cool in my humble opinion.

Anyway, new year, new you, new me, new blog. I’m strategising the hell out of my approach for 2018 and this starts with understanding what the actual purpose of the blog is beyond sharing the dirt on my personal life. Articulating the bigger vision of where I’d like this to go, and the values that drive what is experienced, written and shared (and why I even spend my time doing it) is going to help me with producing stronger content for your leisurely reading.

I see a world where the term ‘comfort is for wimps’ is used to inspire people to be brave to incite change in themselves or the people around them.

Brothers: encouraging me to not take life too seriously since 1987.

Lighthearted: Be the cheerful bugger lighting up the room as often as you can because who cares about whatever’s bugging you? Your mind probably made it up anyway. A lot of people spend their entire lives looking for shit to complain about. They fail to consider all the positive points of views that would make them more attractive to people, and they totally forget that they’re gonna die one day anyway. Getting around spreading the good vibes is hands-down one of the best ways to make friends, get laid and find fantastic fortunes. Because it’s in our nature to be receptive to people we like and we don’t tend to like buzz kills. We don’t have to be on a search for eternal happiness; just find a little joy in your day-to-day, watch that joy become your words, your words become your actions and your actions become the reason you’re invited out of the house.

Dogs: as carefree as they come.

Ridiculous: We waste too much time not being different because we’re nervous about what other people might think of us. This is a very bad use of our very clever brains and it’s one of the biggest regrets of the elderly. Think of all the lost laughs that have occurred thanks to people playing it vanilla. Frankly, it’s absurd. Ridiculousness is liberating and makes funny things happen. Funny things make people laugh and laughter produces good energy for the atmos we’re all sharing. Why don’t we all try saying the first things that come to mind, put balloons down our pants and draw moustaches on our dogs? These outlandish behaviours are what make life a little left of field. And embracing them makes it easier to spot when someone’s being really uncool by trying to start a war with North Korea.

Minds: much of a muchness all made differently.

Curious: From what I understand, after flicking through one of my dad’s New Scientist magazines, the way we behave towards our fellow human is strongly influenced by our beliefs. Like, you might believe that it’s going to rain in a few hours and give your mum an umbrella, or you might believe your skin colour is superior to someone else’s and be a racist twat. What we believe is built on ‘intuition, biases and gut instinct’. Which means our individual beliefs are unique to the personality we were born with combined with how we grew up and slotted into this world. So while our morals and values may seem good and true to us, you’d be a ninkum poop to assume everything you know is right. We all have our own perceptions of reality, let’s try and find out more about other peoples’ thinking.

Doing what you can to protect all salty sea dogs.

Kind: Don’t get me wrong; the world needs a few assholes to keep the morons in check. But there’s a time and a place for being critical and all up in someone’s grill. And it’s certainly not when they’re getting out there and giving things a go. I mean, there’s definitely nothing wrong with having a laugh at the perceived bizarre behaviours of other people, but don’t be a knucklehead about it. We need to remember that while it would be nice if everyone knew not to murder, it’s also good to have people in the world who are tremendously different from us. If we were all out there glued to The Bachelorette, there’d be no one to update on the news. And if everyone wanted brussels sprouts for dinner, there wouldn’t be enough to go round. So be kind and embrace the unfamiliar, you’ll feel like a right dickhead if you make someone cry.

Every time I write a post, I do it with the hope of inspiring positive change in the way people think.

Heck, I’m no life coach but I’ll take your money if you want me to try.


What do you think?

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