5 comfort zones to be breached

If you want to have a better time travelling.

Jessica Hagy

I’m not an owl or anything, but here is some wise advice about ya comfort zones. Think of it as chilli and don’t be afraid to use it to spice the bejeezus out of your life.

Choose poverty-infested over tourist-infested

The emotions stirred from seeing a grubby barefooted child begging into car windows during peak hour is far more worthwhile than seeing Brits abroad defecating in the streets while their mates buy gelato. The more time you spend around people who are different to you, the closer we get to understanding humanity.

Perform in front of people not in front of the mirror

What’s your skill? Talking? Licking your elbow? You need to stand in front of a crowd of people at least once in your life and show them what you’re good at. I’ve heard it’s one of the biggest regrets of the elderly; they wished they’d performed while they had the chance, now people just ask them to knit sweaters and bake scones. I love showing off in front of people but I’m terrible at it. But that doesn’t stop me jumping at the opportunity.

Do some flipping exercise and don’t eat too much sugar

Don’t waste your time with gym memberships if you hate the gym. I like weights and yoga because I was born weirdly strong and flexible. But I can’t catch a ball, throw a ball, swing a bat, dance or aim. So find what you’re good at physically and it won’t be that shit doing exercise because it’s more enjoyable. Once you find what you’re good at, get into a habit of doing it regularly. Even if you only give 10% some days, that’s totally fine. As long as you still go and don’t break the habit. It works, I promise. You won’t always be this agile, so don’t sit in your rocking chair one day dreaming of all the bouncing around you wished you’d done.

End the relationship and stop pretending just because they’re a good spoon

It’s flipping hard to get out of a relationship. Whether it’s working or not, no one wants to just end a friendship. Because that’s exactly what real relationships are, friendships with benefits. I have never really understood the ‘friends with benefits’ concept. To me, that’s a relationship. Right? Anyway, sometimes you can’t keep your friends. Such is life. But don’t go crazy like I tend to do every. single. time.

Leave that stinky job and stop complaining to your friends about how much you hate it

When you go to work every day and hope you are going to get hit by a bus on the way, well, that’s probably more of a psychiatric problem and I’m not qualified to address it. But if you just hate your job, change it. Don’t be afraid, changing jobs is not the boggy man. You don’t want to wake up in 40 years and realise you have been working in hell when heaven was just a get-off-your-arse-and-do-something-about-it away. You also don’t want to wake up in 40 hours to find out that butthead you slept with at the Christmas party just got made your boss.

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