I applied to be Busabout’s 2017 Brand Ambassador

But they didn't choose me, bastards.

“Busabout is looking for two travel addicts to send on the trip of a lifetime! We’re offering you the opportunity to experience Europe to its fullest, no catch! You’ll be working as a team to produce regular travel-themed vlogs, as well as documenting your trip on our social networks and blog. If you feel like you have exactly what it takes to be part of an experience like no other, read on!


Here is my application:

I have a not-very-modest list of reasons why I’m the right person for the Busabout Brand Ambassador job and I’m not normally one to brag, but you asked…

I’m a travel writer and blogger for fun and a freelance copywriter, brand guru & aspiring journalist for (paid) fun. I’ve worked in ad agencies for many moons so my middle name is pretty much ‘deadline’, I write for Vice and The Huff Post so I can handle the written word and I did TV Production at uni so, girl can direct. I’m a left-handed, strawberry blonde, nomadic type too; and a privileged holder of both an Australian and British passport. My appreciation for winning the passport lottery has a lot to do with why I grab planes by the wings and ride the hell out of every chance I get. My itchy feet have nothing to do with the tinea in hostel showers, it’s caused by the tickling angst of wasted opportunity.

As a compassionate Gen Y thinker, I feel a strong urge to inspire exploration below the surface.That’s why I blog. Well, the number one reason is because my fav thing to do is write, so maintaining a blog is easy for me. But the number two reason is because I love creating inspiring and educational content about the world, with just the right amount of quirk. I try to identify the humour in situations and harness it to tell stories that people will listen to and regurgitate at dinner parties. Because humour makes people receptive. Because humour is human.

My writing has generated a following of 1000+ on Facebook and attracts an average of 2000+ readers a month. I can be reasonably awkward, but my journalistic tendencies force me to do anything for a good story. And this is how you find unexpected experiences, have your subconscious fiddled with and unconsciously absorb what you observe.

I don’t know about you but I’m not sure I could have a more relevant skill set if you sent me to Busabout school for a year.


What do you think?

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