I was on Community Radio with DJ Charlytemplar

Plugging comfort zone breaching.

Once upon a recent time, I found myself hanging out with DJ Charlytemplar in the GoveFM studios, Nhulunbuy, Northern Territory.

You may or may not be able to tell that I was a nervous comfumble.

But I did it anyway.

I tore the wings off them butterfly bastards and starred in my first radio show.

So hit me up if you’re a funky French African DJ with 50k+ followers, and want me to be on your radio show too.

Alternatively, I’m happy to just talk to a boring nobody on the phone.

Please note, I’ve had to chop out a lot of Charly’s sweet beats so that I could abide by YouTube’s copyright restrictions and all that jazz and hip hop.

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  1. You should definitely have your own radio show. Or maybe television work. I reckon you make a successful presenter or DJ

  2. I never liked Nicki Minaj. Always prefered Taylor Swift. Shame about the copyright issues. Fair play on going on radio, and getting over the nerves.

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