‘Dress your mates’ is a funny game to play at festivals

Though Glastonbury might not be the best one to play at.

You may or may not know that Glastonbury is a fashion festival as much as it is a music, arts and culture festival. I know that notion mostly applies to celebrities who have access to showers and electricity, but seriously, I saw some dingbats camping in hair curlers for the first two days.

Anyway, my fellow festival peasants and I thought it would be a fun and challenging idea to play a game of Dress Ya Mate (we made it up, you can’t Google it). Rules are pretty self explanatory; you pick a name out of a hat prior to the festival and have to bring an outfit to style and dress that person. The fashion must be atrociously bad and they have to wear it for the entire day. It’s amusing because the outfits are supposed to be just normal enough for strangers to think ‘hey, look at that person with the godawful sense of fashion”, but just ghastly enough to feel like you’ve been sent back to the 90s.

Everyone in the group was totally dreading it – no more the girls than the guys either. We all laughed and joked about it, but you could sense the nervousness amongst a group of people who usually don’t like the idea of coming across too “uncool”.

But you know what? The weird part was that once we left the campsite and moved into the crowd of people… well we didn’t even stand out. Not one bit. All our insecurities washed away as soon as we were among everybody else who actually made us look, well like normal. No one at Glastonbury gives two hoots what anyone else is wearing. It’s not that kinda fest.

We confirmed that Glastonbury was not the right festival to put our vanity to the test.

But oh well, it was a brief step outside the comfort zone and it produced some good LOLS. And to each other, we looked very funny all day long. And that is the most important thing.

By the way, I dressed Kaitlin (pink top, checkered shorts and straw hat) and I was voted as the winner!! Yay! Big bunch of dorky dags.

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