VICE: Why Some People Have Zero Interest in Leaving Australia

I’m trying to become a journo and it’s pretty hard for someone with mild social anxiety. People tend to interpret me as confident, when really I’m dying inside. Interactions with people are often effort for me. And when I’m told someone is bringing a new person into a social group my gizzards twist. It’s always okay once I’m immersed in the situation, but it’s a bit of a shake and tremble before I get there. But hey, that’s what the blog is about.

Here is my newest piece for Vice, where I interviewed six different people like a secretly-nervous boss:

There’s a bit of a stereotype about people who don’t travel. The stereotype says they’re uncultured One Nation supporters who go around calling Australia “the best country in the world.” This perception is probably most prevalent in the minds of young inner-city people who do travel. Or basically, the political opposite of what we just described.

But surely there’s a range of reasons to not travel. Surely? So to challenge/explore the stereotype, we asked a range of people why they’re happy staying put.

Read the interviews on Vice.


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