My pathetic first day back in India… in pictures

If you read my last post about how emotional and confused I’ve been, you will understand why the following series of photos is just a bit like, ‘admit you’re a wimp and get on with it’.

I arrived at the budget hotel at midnight Indian time and 6am Australian time. For the first time in hours I was feeling positive and excited – probably because I was sleep deprived and happy to be able to lie horizontal. It made for some shameless “I’m safe” photos to send to my mum.

Which actually led to the discovery of this revolting bloody mess under my skin. I assume it happened on the weekend when I was swinging from the tree pretending to be a panther at a wedding. It now looks like I’m turning into one.

I got to sleep for a few hours, only to wake up wide at 3am with my body thinking it was time to grab Tuesday by the horns. I told it ‘no, body’ and made it lie down and do social media.

Then I took my body to the bathroom to take a picture of the toilet for you.

Outside my prison bar windows and onto the street below, the city was starting to stir.

Early morning praise givers and prayer makers are a thing every day of the week around here.

I started to feel a little anxious all cooped up in my room, so I decided to go out before it got too busy and see what some of the many animals lining the city streets were eating for breakfast.

After eating budget airline food the day before, I didn’t really feel like eating anymore garbage, so I found a man making chai tea instead.

And I bought a delicious cup of it for 20c (including my .05c tip)

People started appearing in abundance, on their way to work.
The men’s shirts-trousers-shoes fashion combo in India really amuses me for some reason. Like you ain’t doing fashion properly without a collar.

I saw lots of people making street-food breakfast which I could have purchased, but I hadn’t got the braves up to risk stomach-bashing bacteria yet. I headed back to my hotel, Value Hotel, to see what the inclusive breakfast of value was.

Only to be chased up the hall by the man from reception who desperately wanted to give me my inclusive breakfast. It could have been a plastic box of what the cow was eating and I’d have still liked it because it wished me good day. Warm wishes had been absent from my life for a while.

Honestly, it was a bit spicy for breakfast time but like I said, it had wished me a good day, so I ate it and fell asleep again.

I didn’t take photos between the point where I woke up and got in this auto because it was hot and hard work. But I paid this man equivalent of $11 to drive me for an hour through crazy wild highway traffic to my new hotel. And I’m pretty sure that contextually, it was still a rip off.

And well I kind of haven’t moved since I arrived. I’m staying in a nicer hotel than last time, my Aunty shouted it for me for Christmas. The guys at reception have been bringing me beers and being very sweet.

But outside is still hectic and Indian and I’m still feeling Western and wimpy. I will be less of a wimp in the new day.


What do you think?

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