Get over yourself to get goals

Especially when anxiety is based on no real threat

I’ve been strategising about some creative and career changing stuff on A3 sheets of paper lately. This kinda stuff is the true root of any anxiety I’m feeling at the moment (+ PMS). But the other day I went out like a wally and blamed social media for my distress. No one has ever blamed social media for any sort of psychological tinkerings before so I’m not sure where I got that idea from. LOLs belated April Fools. Nah, there was obviously some truth to it. I don’t really know how to use the damn thing for marketing so I worry that I come across as a self absorbed twat 80% of the time I try. But that blamey post just made people unnecessarily worry about me and/or judge me. Which felt unpleasant because you may have noticed I have a complex about being a self-absorbed twat.

Anyway, the root of my psychological qualms does actually grow from the hind legs of the creative and career changing stuff I mentioned in sentence one. All that chasing of goals and building of dreams leaves me meddling in worry and doubt when I’m left alone too long. Which is like, all the time at the moment but that’s the next blog post.

I’m a natural communicator, so I need to be sharing my ideas and thoughts r-e-g-u-l-a-r-l-y. Expressing myself, bouncing ideas, clearing the air, feeling heard; otherwise I start to show cracks. Which I did. Which is totally lame because I specifically wrote this post suggesting I was well equipped with the anti-fear gear needed to bust some career moves.

Good news is, today I got over myself. There are way cooler things to think about than whether my face appears too often in my friends’ newsfeeds. For example, psychological domestic abuse has become illegal in Scotland, GIANT BOOBS just like appeared in London and black gals in the ballerina profession now have shoes to match their feet. The world certainly did move on while I was not over myself yet.

So, today I’m also gonna share WHAT UP witchu guyz on the faceless internet.

I have three focuses in my life at the moment. Three very time consuming focuses that demand I be better at life than I have been the past week. I call them the THE THREE C’S. As of right now I do anyway.


I’m doing workshops where I unload all the confidence-building techniques of my past onto unassuming participants. The idea is to make them feel, understand and love the power of vulnerability. This shizzle is very fun and my next workshop is a two-hour sesh at a women’s wellness retreat in Mudgee. You should come if you have a vulva, or if you want one. Click for tix.

Then my babies (which have not been marketed yet) are happening in June at Bustle Studios. These are focussed on building the confidence to be able to get up in front of a crowd and feel great about speaking to it. I’m doing a light spread too; delicious, nutritious and energising recipes by girlboss sister duo, Maha & Sal from SWIISH. These will be taster classes for what will hopefully turn into fully-fledged public speaking courses run by yours truly. Would love to know if you’re interested in attending these. There will probably be a little wine too.


I had so much fun getting on the amateur open mics recently that I thought hey why not inspire other funny bastards to give it a go? In collaboration with some good friends, who also happen to own an awesome wine bar, we are going to create our own Comfort is for Wimps Comedy room for newbies. I’ll obviously be amateur MCing, despite the fact I’ve only been on stage and done funnies to a crowd exactly two times. Now THAT is confidence.

I’m also 90% sure that I’ll be performing a five-minute set at a gala dinner at the Opera House in June. So umm, stay tuned for that.


Content Design to be totally specific. I’ve joined a book club, a meet-up group, a newsletter, a Slack channel, a podcast. I’m going to combine my writing skills with my love of workshopping and my hankering for being an empathetic son-of-a-gun. With these powers combined I can become a Content Designer/Strategist. You know, something mod and edgy and dedicated to improving the peoples’ digital experience in the digital world. Getting all ready for the digital revolution that’s upon us and shit.

Read all about what the hell I’m banking on about on this legend’s website.


So, guys, that’s me. And it might not seem like much on a tiny little blog post but it takes a lot of tinkin’, plannin’ and executin’. One day I’d like to have a business partner. But until then I’m also spending $1500 I can’t afford on a life coach, starting mid April.

Would literally LOVE to hear about your passion projects, goal smashing, major plans, throwing of selves in the deep ending, side hustles, confidence boosting activities, fears, doubts… WHATEVER it is, talk to me. It feeds me.





  1. I’m 100% with Mark, find a mentor as he described, very beneficial, more beneficial than a life coach (if it’s not too late to keep your $1500).

    In the meantime if you want to bounce ideas and thoughts around you have got my and/or Mick’s numbers.

  2. Awesome stuff. Sounds incredibly exciting. That is a lot to have going on and I understand that it can be overwhelming to do it all on your own.

    Have you thought about getting a mentor? And I don’t mean a life coach who is going to charge you lots of dollars.

    No a mentor who is genuinely interested in you succeeding. Someone you can bounce ideas off, ask advice and help point you in the right direction. Someone you can call and unload on at times. Someone who has “been there done that”. Also a mentor is someone you don’t already know, well maybe not know but not family or friends, they are not suitable to be mentors. They already know you and generally most people are on very narrow paths and are generally not that open to new ideas.

    Find someone who you admire who is in the field or similar to what you want to achieve and approach them. Yes it requires going out of the comfort zone ( maybe an article there) and possibly they may not want to or be unable to so have a few lined up.

    I have used mentors at different times and been one, it is very rewarding for both parties.

    Just a thought.

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