I’m sorry, Gentle Giant.

Gawd, this is awkward.

I’m kind of a bad person. Well I’m not, I have feelings which include – but are not limited to – sensitivity, empathy and guilt. It’s just that sometimes I get a little lost in the entertainment side of my blog, and perhaps share humorous content at the expense of others. Which really is not what I want to do, my whole philosophy is to be kind and compassionate. I’m always banging on about advocacy for humanity and shit. And I mean it. Even though another one of my philosophies is “If you can’t laugh at someone else’s expense, what can you laugh at?” I got that from my Da.

So after last night’s harsh review of the date with the Gentle Giant, I need to make a public apology. Because I think he read it, and I feel horrible. He was a nice guy, and I’ve come across nothing short of an arrogant meanie.



  1. It wasn’t that bad, he should take it as positive criticism and feedback towards his next date 😛

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