Content creator, storyteller and thinker of funny things.
Comfort zone breacher & explorer.
Deep down a massive wuss.

People assume I’m some sort of fearless lioness with a penchant for doing weird stuff, when in reality I’m actually very openly a self- doubting scaredy cat with anxieties like everyone else up in here.

My sense of purpose is driven by my high values of compassion and hilarity. I think that if we all take ourselves less seriously, laugh more and complain less, then we’ll be that much closer to world peace. And more positive TripeAdvisor reviews.

I embrace vulnerability to uncover and share truths about myself and use my empathy and food to find out about other people.

I don’t care for politics, I’m all about promoting real people and good vibes.

As a compassionate Gen Y thinker, I’ve always felt a strong urge to inspire open mindedness and exploration below the surface, particularly in a world poisoned by media propaganda and stereotypes. Central to this is obtaining a better grasp on the world and the people I share it with so that I’m able to form my own opinions, judge less, empathise more and all round not be unpleasant. Because prejudice is as becoming as roadkill isn’t it.

This blog was originally created to share stories about getting outside my comfort zone but led me on a psychological journey of becoming way more confident in who I am. Now I want to share what I love and learn in the world, in every way I can.

The Comfort is for Wimps brand values are honest, authentic, curious and kind.