Joking about suicide prevention

Using humour to talk about the taboo.

Comedy often touches on raw nerves, that’s why we laugh. It’s used to get points across and to talk about uncomfortable subjects. In fact, academics now study comedy and how it could be used to challenge social ideas and the mental health system.

I can see how it could be one of the strongest medicines for something like mental health. It’s healing in the sense that in a moment of laughter, your brain is literally nowhere else but on whatever made you laugh. Humour doesn’t solve problems but it can relax the mind, which makes it fundamental to the recipe for suicide prevention and human survival.

So I’ve used humour in this video to highlight some rather shocking statistics about suicide. I think drawing attention to taboo topics only works to release the stigma and spread awareness about the seriousness of an epidemic. This is a funny way of being totally serious and I hope it has a positive effect.


What do you think?

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