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You may or may not know that my blog is massively about exposing myself to ridicule. I engage in left-of-field activities, post tasteful nudes and often share my thoughts and opinions on different matters. I primarily do things to inspire people but it’s also hugely important for my own personal growth and confidence in caring less about what people think of me. You do you, kid.

So I’m sharing this recording of the monologue I performed at an audition the other week. It’s my first monologue performance for the obvious reason that I’m not actually an actress, as much as I’d like to be. It’s a pretty dark piece really, inspired by Angelina Jolie in Girl Interrupted.

I hope you watch this monologue performance and it makes you feel uncomfortable. And I hope that my apparently shameless approach inspires you to self promote and share your creativity and ideas too. It’s fun!

I auditioned at Monologue Slam UK:

“MonologueSlam is a nationwide industry showcase for actors from all backgrounds and profiles. Sponsored by Spotlight and supported by industry as a whole, MonologueSlam  is open to everyone. After a lengthy audition process, 22 actors are given the opportunity to perform for a welcoming audience and a panel of people in a position to move their careers forward.

Maintaining that it should always be free for actors to perform, TriForce have produced an event that helps talent that may not have access to the usual routes into the industry. Every event has an industry panel of at least four judges, all of whom are in the position to give actors a job.

We believe that all performers should have the opportunity to nurture their talent no matter what their circumstances or background; experience has shown us that it is through these avenues that the freshest, untapped talent can be found.” Read more here.


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