Join me on a 2-week mystery trip of shock and awe


Comfort is for Wimps is a philosophy and it exists to open minds… wider. It’s for people who think differently; who like to try new things, who like learning, taking risks and embracing the weird way the world works.

I’m looking for

FOUR to SIX  travel companions to join me and my best mate on a tailor-made mystery adventure from China and North Korea. This is the first exciting and experimental trial of the Comfort is for Wimps travel format. I’m looking for adventurous travellers who are looking for something totally new in their travel experiences.

This is for people who seek adventure in every part of their lives. You don’t just explore places; you explore new ideas and ways of doing things. Comfort is for Wimps Travel is a way of behaving, thinking, doing. We value honesty, curiosity, authenticity and being kind. We care about things bigger than ourselves and we continuously search for the courage to turn thoughts into action.   

Comfort is for Wimps is contagious.

The itinerary will be:

  • a Comfort is for Wimps experience with a once-in-a-lifetime approach
  • an open-an-envelope-a-day type gig so full of surprises each day
  • a mix of experiences designed to make us laugh, cringe and feel awe inspired
  • an exploration into cultures and unexpected subcultures
  • NOTE: North Korea will be a long weekend with Koryo Tours which won’t be in my control but just as epic

The itinerary will include:

  • 14 nights in varied style accommodation (with breakfast)
  • 5 meals / food experiences (dinners)
  • 8-10 surprise experiences with 4 free days to make un-organised fun
  • All transport included


Who I am

I’m Jess: a confident introvert who participates in, and designs, experiences and workshops to build confidence and inspire bravery in other humans.

Travel is one of my things and I go to unusual and sometimes daunting places so I can stick it media stereotypes and meet real people with real stories. I write about my experiences on my blog to promote the beauty of humanity and I don’t promote politics.

For realz. Here are some stories of things I get up to for fun:

This video is a couple of years old but it gives you a flavour of my style

Couchsurfing in Afghanistan
Hindu exorcism in India
Ignoring the travel warnings in Lebanon
Shooting guns in Lithuania
Living with a local family in Nepal
Vagina smoking in Indonesia
Meth dealer in the Philippines
Wimping out in comfort in Morocco
Mormon church service in London


8th September trip starts in Beijing
22nd September trip ends in Beijing

What you get

Firstly, as mentioned: A TOTAL SURPRISE ITINERARY.
Yes you will know the countries we are going to but each day I will reveal the places we are staying, the way we are travelling, who we are meeting, what we are eating, how we are spending out time. I promise, it will be fun.

In short, I will book:
transport, accommodation, insurance, visas and experiences.


I book a complete mix of accommodation styles. Sometimes we might bunk up in a dorm room for six, other nights we might all sleep in a tree house or have our own pods.

Who bloody knows. All I know is one word. Adventure.


Taxis, public transport, limos, boats… again, who bloody knows. You just rest assured that you don’t have to do any of the thinking. Let me be your captain speaking. I will be the brains of the operation. I’ll make sure I know how to get us from A to B to Z at all times.

Who can come

Anyone is welcome to join us if they’re not a dickhead but there are only FOUR spots! In the interest of not wanting to travel with dickheads, I’ll be meeting you in advance. If I already know you, well, perfect!

Couples or groups of four are completely welcome.

How much

This will be a BUDGET trip. With the odd fancy pants surprise of course.

Minimum funds, maximum funs.

Cost below does not include your flights to and from the start and end points.

$3500 + booking fee

Booking fee

This is an introduction offer where I’m charging a $350 flat rate booking fee, per person. This covers (part of) the serious amount of time and effort I’m putting into the itinerary.

Interested? Questions?