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Like, it's a thing thing.

Some comedians are joke-generating machines. Jokes just fall out of the bastards. They yawn and a joke just rolls out of their mouth and onto the floor. Three-second rule so they pick it up and swallow it, only to regurgitate and chew on it later in front of their fans. It’s like every time you blow your nose you find $50 in the tissue. Jokes can be so valuable if they’re good.

My relationship with jokes is more like constipation. I find writing them really hard but when they eventually pop out it’s quite a relief and I get straight into eating more fibre.

I really like doing it though. It’s so fun. So what I’ve done is create an open mic comedy platform out of my Comfort is for Wimps brand, which invites other people who are interested in comedy to have a go. I get to be the MC and get loads of attention by default.

I hosted my first one in July

I rounded up 10 funny persons and threw them on stage at Roth’s Wine Bar and asked them to tell jokes for five minutes each. It was a reasonably man-heavy gig but that’s just comedy. Women hate laughing because it makes us snort. Plus we’re not all that funny.

I’M JOKING. Can’t you take a joke. Get off my blog then.

I love cock but I’d like to see a 50/50 mix at the next event because babes be funny. Anyway, moving on, preachy weachy.

Who performed?

The night was full of bloody impressive newbie talent. And below are some pictures from the workshop I ran to warm them all up the weekend before.

There were a couple of people who had done stand-up before but a few who had done none. Jarrod was one of the newbies who had never done stand-up before and he left still never having done stand-up.

He is in a wheelchair, so.

Jarrod Emeny

That was the sentiment of his opening joke. It was one of his many crackers. Inspirational kid. Watch his awesome set here.

It was a sell out gig

I like to think it’s because I am an epic event hustler. But if I’m real, it’s likely because it was the most exciting thing to happen in town since the 2002 movie premiere of The Nugget.

I’m pleased to say that I only knew about 4% of the audience. I’m pleased to say this because only 1.5% of them were people I’d probably had awkward teenager sex with. Because, rural hometown.

We actually had to turn people away at the door. This made me feel bad on the outside but on the inside I was like WELL IT’S A SELL OUT BITCH.

Martin Lane
Wasn’t all newbies but

I also had funny musical comedian Sarah Gaul headlining. She’s worth a watch and a follow around.

Sarah Gaul
Next show

The next show is in Dubbo at The Establishment Bar and it’s going to be a sell out bitch too. I already have four funny fellows signed up and I’m looking for SIX more. It’s a Central West event but I welcome newbies from anywhere. And just because it’s in a country town doesn’t mean it’s a bigot show. We had an American and an Englishman on stage in Mudgee. I just have to draw the line at aliens from outer space but that’s it.

For more information on signing up for Dubbo, go right here.

For more information on how to go on stage once and then start running an on-stage empire like I’m pretending I do, go right here.

Any questions? I really like when people leave comments, so keep that in mind please.

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