Same-sex marriage is for equality, voting no is for bullies

Don't be a bully.

I made my vote the other day. I voted YES for a range of reasons, but first and foremost because I want all Aussies to be given a fair go. That’s the Australian way. Fair dinkum.

Of course, some flamin’ galahs will be voting NO in the Australian same-sex marriage plebiscite, which is currently costing the country millions. And they have their long lists of reasons too. Though, so far they make as much sense as the Wingding font. There’s maybe one floating around in the sea of mumbo-homophobe-jumbo which, mildly, even bothers to address the question on the ballot paper.

People like tradition. Fair enough. Fair dinkum. Fair go. There’s a bit of logic to that argument. I like Two-Up, Christmas Seafood and Triple J’s Hottest 100, so I get it. But those traditions are nice because there’s no law saying gay people can’t participate. Holding on to traditions that exclude parts of society is a form of segregation that encourages people to view other people as being different to them; lesserthan them. And isn’t everyone a little tired of all the drama those kind of bullshit attitudes create? Snooze.

If you’re not Australian, you’ve probably heard about how Australia felt a little left out when big bros Britain and America shocked the world with Brexit and D-Trump. So little ‘Straya went and devised its own dumb-dumb question to pose to the population. And what happened? We’ve been able to show off some our finest home-grown bigots to the world. Pretty much all farmed in, and now crawling out of, the woodwork.

Alas! It’s not just the Troys and Dazzas from Australia’s prejudice farms doing the vote-no thing. It’s hypocritical religious people, social-media-addicted-stay-at-home mums, sky-writers and goodness knows who else. All I’ve seen is a bunch of melodramatic Aussies using word salad to push their hominem arguments.

The arguments are as weak as the withdrawal method because they’re based on literally nothing to do with two people of the same sex being in love and wanting to get married (like everyone else likes to do).

I don’t normally get into debates on Facebook because most of the time it’s garbage and only really big losers do it. But I just couldn’t type my fingers fast enough when I saw people piping up on behalf of the No Campaign, with opinions that made no fricken sense.

The question on the ballot paper asks:
Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?

People who like to be difficult for the sake of being difficult respond with:

It’s against my religion

Well it’s 2017, evolve with your religion or forever be a bully.

Also, you can’t use religion to justify decisions impacting the law because it’s forcing your religious beliefs on others. Religious No-ers need to understand that if same-sex marriage is passed then they can still carry on with their gay-less lives and not be affected. But you can’t just force everyone to do what you want them to because you can’t let go of the First Testament.

What if I said my religion doesn’t believe in heterosexual marriage? Would that mean everyone should do what I want because that’s my belief? NO. You’re not the boss, religious people.

Children need a mother and father
Thanks Wingding, so maybe Elton John should have married Ellen or summin.

There’s this awfully offensive argument coming from the Nope Dopes that children who grow up with same-sex parents will somehow turn out as tortured as this poor girl who clearly has deeper issues than the sex of her parents.

Now aside from the fact that marriage doesn’t auto mean parenting (my friend got happily married last year and has zero interest in having children), AND the fact that queers can already have children without your permission, a mum and a dad in a nuclear family are not a reflection of how nature “intended” things to be.

Marriage is something our society created and “we” think a mum and a dad set-up is “normal” because we’re CONDITIONED TO THINK THAT WAY. There are other societies in this world where children grow up with one dad who’s not only married to their mum, but all the mums of all their half siblings too. It’s called polygamy. There are also societies where a man and a woman who don’t know each other are forced to marry, and then they have children who they eventually force to do the same thing. It’s called arranged marriage. There are also now TV shows where people willingly marry someone they’ve known for a few seconds, and they either divorce or have babies. It’s called Married At First Sight. And guess what, there are already like TWENTY FIVE or so societies where queer people are already getting married. Heck, Native Americans were embracing gay marriage well before women and Aboringinals were even given the power to vote on the matter.

There’s no normal to family or parenting. A child’s wellbeing is about good parenting, love and education, not gender or family structure.

Safe Schools… gender fluidity… bad

We all know that people fear what they don’t understand. But faaaaar out, can someone please tell the no voters that same-sex marriage isn’t about changing the school curriculum to include transexual Tuesdays? Safe Schools is a program run so that children don’t grow up to be as ignorant and awful as the generations before them. Safe Schools encourages inclusiveness and acceptance, it’s not turning your children gay. I’ve heard that there have been instances around the world where this liberal style of sex education has caused issues by confusing children and creating gender identity issues. And these are, admittedly, the unfortunate and rare affects of opening up the conversation to children. But hardly surprising at trial stage.

They’re introducing a new, forward-thinking and inclusive method of sex education and every new system has its hiccups. But I guarantee that there are, and will be, fewer stories of transgender-child mess ups than there are stories of bullying, bigotry and the struggles of coming out as LGBTQI.

So try to embrace it and help make it better for the future of all children.

Is it just me, or is there something really funny about YouTube’s choice of relevant videos on the right?
I just don’t like the idea of gay marriage

Fine. I don’t like the idea of cricket, so I don’t fucking play it.

That’s pretty much the only message you can take away from this piece of drivel written by former Prime Minster, Tony Abbot, who probably just doesn’t want gay people to get married because then there’ll be more parties and events no one will invite him to.

“And I say to you if you don’t like same-sex marriage, vote ‘no’. If you’re worried about religious freedom and freedom of speech, vote ‘no’, and if you don’t like political correctness, vote ‘no’,” Tony said back in August, when his dark and dirty No Campaign kicked off.

I’m gonna wrap this up nice and quick because I’ve been political enough for one post. Plus, people don’t change their minds about this stuff and I’m probably preaching to the converted anyways.

But in short, the No Campaign is a debate clearly based on rhetoric. Most examples given are fear-mongering, nasty, totally generalised and point big bold fingers at an entire community of decent people.

The funny part is that they are now claiming they feel like victims for having opinions that differ to YES. Dear darlings, I’m sorry, but what you’re doing is a lot like punching someone in the face and crying because you bruised your hand.

Wake up please, no voters. You are not the victims; you are the big, bossy, schoolyard bullies (or the silly side-kicks who think following bullies gets you street cred). Luckily for humanity, the bully always loses, eventually.



Bare Beach Bum: You are the bully for saying that anyone that does not think the way that you think is a bully. You are projecting. You are so self-righteous but you are the one that is bigoted and close-minded for not accepting that other people may have a difference of opinion. You are repulsed by people supporting traditional marriage because their view is different from your own and how you think everyone else should think. That is pretty much the definition of being a bigot. I will not let you or anyone else shame me into believing that my belief system is wrong just because you put me down and call me a bigot. Some Aussies like to fuck sheep. Should a law be passed allowing that too? Where do we draw the line? I say put it to a vote and let society decide on what is moral.

Why did you turn off comments? Are you afraid that people will espouse an opinion different than yours? Will it make you run to your safe space and start colouring?

Comfort is for Wimps: Hi Bare Beach Bum,

Thanks for taking the time to provide me with more wish-wash content bearing zero logic. 

I’d just like to start off with providing the definition of bigot for the purpose of highlighting scale and intention:




  1. a person who is intolerant towards those holding different opinions.

I’d like you to take note of the word intolerant and put that into context. My individual intolerance of people who object same-sex marriage goes no further than issuing a logical blog post defending a minority group being bullied (and unnecessarily put in an embarrassing spotlight). Sure, I’m stirring up the bullies a little. But bullies need to remember the number one rule taught to us at school: treat others how you want to be treated. 

Whereas the intolerance of gay marriage, which is demonstrated by a nonsensical play-dirty political campaign, millions of dollars and a bunch of people interfering in a bunch of other people’s expression of love, is a huge bully rally which kicked off bigotry in the first place.  

You seem to be another person claiming to be a victim after supporting the mass victimisation of your fellow Australians. The fact that you could even compare beastiality to homosexuality just shows that you’ve got a long way to go before you will join humanity on becoming a better species. I’m not worried because I know that negativity (saying no to other people and restricting them) is a lost cause. Your children will unlikely be homophobes, their children too, and it’s likely some of your gay descendants will enjoy same-sex marriage. That’s just the way society works, the movement starts and everyone follows, even if there are a few stragglers like you. 

I’m not “repulsed” by no-voters. I assume that’s you projecting your repulsion to gay marriage. I’m just a bit embarrassed by them. 

I turned off my comments because they aren’t mobile friendly. 















But I’m happy to post your comment in the body section of my post. I’ll do that later today. 

Thank you,

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