Special workshop events with food and drink as an introduction to the six-week course in September

Comfort is for Wimps is a philosophy and it exists to open minds… wider. It’s for people who think differently; who like to try new things, who like learning, taking risks and embracing the weird way the world works. It’s for people who seek adventure in every part of their lives. We don’t just explore places; we explore new ideas and ways of doing things. Comfort is for Wimps is a way of behaving, thinking, doing. We value honesty, curiosity, authenticity and being kind. We care about things bigger than ourselves and we continuously search for the courage to turn thoughts into action. Comfort is for Wimps is contagious.

Workshop events: 12th, 19th & 25th June 2019


Use your vulnerability as a tool to be more confident

At Speaking & Grazing we’ll be working at a steady pace, helping people manage nerves and anxieties to build confidence in speaking to crowds. It’s a totally relaxed and hugely entertaining environment that encourages people to explore the edges of their comfort zones. As a guided open-mic night, we are the evening’s entertainment, but guests are invited to participate as much or as little as they want. When it comes to public speaking, listening is a key factor to doing it well. So come along prepared to listen and learn and you’ll get:

  • An energy-boosting Supergreen Superfood Powder shot from SWIISH
  • A delicious SWIISH grazing platter to share with like-minded people
  • An opportunity to practice in front of a non-judgemental crowd, as little or as much as you want
  • Lessons in how to use vulnerability, anxiety & emotions
  • New perspectives on what confidence really is
  • Ideas on how to stop worrying about what people think
  • An understanding of how to express your authentic self
  • A little red wine with dessert at the end
  • A goodie bag with a 10% discount on SWIISH wellness products

The introductory event is running over three dates, you only need to attend one workshop as a taster to the course. The price is $50 for a ticket.
Venue: Bustle Studios, 1/457 Elizabeth St, Sydney NSW 2010





What you put in your body has an effect on how you feel. That’s just the way it is! And I believe that genuine confidence can only be brought to life when you feel your best. Health = Happiness = Confidence. That’s why I’m putting on a delicious and nutritious spread for guests, with recipes from health and wellness sisters, Sally and Maha, from SWIISH.

SWIISH is all about helping and inspiring people to lead balanced and happy lives, with a strong emphasis on fresh, wholesome food. This is why I’ve chosen to create from their Simple & Lean cookbook.


There’s not a one-size-fits all to building a speaking style, which is why vulnerability and authenticity is a key component to these confidence workshops. I want to help you find a way to accept, understand and be yourself. I try to draw out a person’s natural and authentic state by using playful techniques that make us smile and laugh, because I find that light-hearted humans are more impulsive and intuitive. I won’t force anyone to participate but I do ask that you come with your guard down.

Vulnerability is a strength, not a weakness. I promise.


The doors open at 6pm and the workshop runs from 6.30 – 9.30pm and is broken into two halves:

1 The first half we meet, greet, and eat; talk about common and limiting beliefs, explore confidence boosting techniques and play some impromptu talking games.

Short break

2 The second half gets into energy building exercises with optional speaking opportunities at the end. We’ll finish with dessert and a little wine because wine not? 🥮🍷

The venue closes at 10pm.


Jessica O’Reilly: Comfort is for Wimps started as a storytelling blog in 2014. I found my stories by pushing myself outside my comfort zone to uncover the braver version of myself. What I found was absolutely key to my confidence-building was my ability to repurpose anxious energy and let myself feel vulnerable. I now use a guided approach to help others use nerves and vulnerability to feel more confident in who they are when they communicate. I teach at a very steady and easy pace, creating a very supportive, and always entertaining, environment. Read more.

Let’s crush your fears with the belief that Comfort is for Wimps.