A creative speaking class with food and drink

Speaking & Grazing is an easy and creative environment that encourages people to explore the edges of their comfort zones. It will get you comfortable with being uncomfortable. Because that’s how humans thrive.

“Use honest confidence to get out of your own way”

I can’t promise you anything…. but there will be food, drink and a safe and entertaining environment to consume it.

What you get

  • An energy-boosting Supergreen Superfood Powder shot from SWIISH
  • A delicious SWIISH grazing platter to share with your newest pals
  • Lessons in how to use vulnerability, anxiety & emotions
  • New perspectives on what confidence really is
  • Ideas on how to stop worrying about what people think
  • An opportunity to practice creative speaking in front of a non-judgemental crowd
  • Feedback (via email) on your style and presence
  • A little red wine with dessert
  • 10% discount code for all SWIISH products

Who is this for?

Whether speaking to crowds is a new thing for you, or you’ve got you’ve got a head start but want to be more clever with it, this will suit both levels by helping you learn to relax and be yourself.

Venue: Bustle Studios, 1/457 Elizabeth St, Sydney NSW 2010


SWIISH is all about helping and inspiring people to lead balanced and happy lives, with a strong emphasis on fresh, wholesome food. This is why I’ve chosen to create from their Simple & Lean cookbook.

Discomfort Coach

I’m Jessica O’Reilly and Comfort is for Wimps started as a storytelling blog in 2014, where I would write about going outside my comfort zone to uncover the braver version of myself.

As a hobbyist comedian and lover of communication, I now coach people on how to stand up with honest confidence in front of a room.

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