Trolls, proposals and dick pics. Thanks for coming.

What a time to be alive.

I haven’t given the blog much attention lately. Sorry, I know you like to read it on your commute so you don’t have to look at anyone’s face. I just haven’t been doing anything except general life really. I’ve had my head in the clouds a bit, obsessing over what narcissism means, wondering if I don’t have sex because I’m a sapiosexual and exploring the idea of minimalism. I haven’t been doing anything as brave, and certainly not as interesting, as the first time I tried contact lenses. God, you must have loved that post.

I plan to get back into it though. I want to start a constant flow of juicy content that provokes more thought, laughter and creepy emails from perverts.

Because I like writing and I like it when people read what I write.

I like it when friends comment and put those little ‘😂’ on my posts. And I like it when trolls tell me how ugly I am.

Oh, and when weirdos from high school private message me pictures of their penises and apologise the next day because they were high on acid.


Okay, I don’t particularly like the latter two; so if it was you, fuck off.

But it’s nice to know I could get a date if I wanted to.

In 2018 I plan to really ramp it up with a bit of strategy placed behind the content I produce. You know, to keep it consistent and “on brand”. I’ll be making sure everything I do is in line with the Comfort is for Wimps “theme” and my blog can never be mistaken for a baby care website.

You may have noticed I got a sassy new logo done this year. Probs should have waited to launch it in 2018 when I work harder on the website, but hey-ho, when a girl’s gotta logo, a girl’s gotta logo.

Thanks for coming for a check in. Remember to visit me sometimes. Show me your thumbs on my posts and share the stuff you like. Just so I know if I’m doing all right.

Later potaters.

p.s. Look, I’m in Australia having fun at the beach.


What do you think?

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