I went to a wine tasting with my ex

Because I like to keep 'em close, apparently.

The idea of Bevvy is to bring together a small group of about 20 people to taste craft alcohol, eat snacks and do some light trivia. Ultimately getting (mindfully) raucous until you’re booted back into the real world, all boozed up on quality bevs.

I bought a ticket because I liked the sound of of eating chocolate, drinking wine and meeting other people who like to do that. I took along my ex because I knew he’d like the idea of eating chocolate, drinking wine and meeting other people who like to do that too. We haven’t actually dated in like ten years and he’s a good egg.

‘Mmm, you like to keep ’em close, don’t you,’

said my second youngest brother.

I’ve got a handful of serious relationships under my belt. I’m not sure if that’s a lot or not, but I only consider them serious if we said ‘I love you,’ I was over the age of 16 and they weren’t addicted to meth. Out of the 5 who meet this criteria, I’m pretty good mates with 3. One broke comms with me many moons ago because new boo and another is muchos cray-cray so I block-block number.

People often say it’s a bit oddball for me to be so close to exes but I don’t really understand why. When I’m with someone we are close. Emotionally. Mentally. We share a real nice connection and we exchange real nice energy. So ending it with a straight cut cold turkey doesn’t work for me. I tend to have really long, drawn out, emotionally exhausting break-ups. This is probably how it turns into friendships. We have no say in the matter.

But I guess we’re all different in our relationships with other humans. One friend once told me he doesn’t kiss his girlfriend during sex. Ummmm, that’s way weirder than being friends with an ex??? Though, he is the same friend who told me he has to be fully naked when he poops.


So I called up my ex-relationship pal and we went and tasted wine together. Interestingly, Brown Paper Wine, paired the wine with hot cross buns, chocolate eggs and goats cheese…

All the other weird things I’ve written about so far quite literally just got trumped didn’t they. But weird is wonderful. WE KNOW THIS.

Obvs it wasn’t just me and my ex-boo, this event was a meet up of strangers which is totally trendy these days. The concept of doing something like this used to just be for lame-ass speed daters and pretentious supper club wankers, but more and more people are adopting the idea of just going out and doing drinky-eaty activities with a bunch of people they don’t know.

Or even one-on-onies. Tinder, Grindr, Bumble… Bumble actually has a make-friends feature. I also stumbled across this woman recently, Kaley Chu. She wanted to build her confidence so spent an entire year going to lunch with 100 different strangers, then wrote a book about it. How cool is that? I literally emailed her right away and now I may have lunch with her if our paths ever cross. I love lunch.

Because why not? It’s soooo good for building confidence, improving social skills and not staying on the couch like a potato-flavoured wimp. This type of behaviour – the going out and doing activities with people who are not already my friends – is basically what accelerated my development into the socially-equipped, confidence-preaching butterfly that I am.

The thought of it is for some reason way more overwhelming than the doing of it. Especially when you open the door and a drink just appears in your hand like magic.

It was a mini wine-tasting party with just regular people I didn’t know, and then did know. Like the grape guzzling Instagram couple and the nice lady who wants to buy 4x tickets to my Opera House stand-up (3rd June). There was also the young lawyer wanna-turn wine sommelier, the professional craft whisky connoisseur and the nice older guy who liked wine and getting out of the house.

I was the winner-winner of a clean skin bottle of wine because I came last at trivia. That’s just the kinda chicken dinner I am. There were actually loads of free wine handouts which was ace. I’m defo going to go again because each event has a different theme and a different type of alcohol tasting. I believe on the 3rd May it’s craft beer and Eurovision. Then there’ll be fine whisky with State of Origin.

Wanna come with? You don’t have to be an ex boyfriend to hang out with me. You could be a potential new boyfriend! Or a boy that is a friend. Or a girl that is a friend. Or a potential new girlfriend. Just lez me know. Ba dum tsss.

About Bevvy (from the horse’s mouth)

“Bevvy is a series of talks focused on the appreciation (and consumption) of beverages. It was started by a group of passionate Sydney locals who not only love a bevvy, but also sharing those bevvies with a bevy of like-minded bevvy enthusiasts.
Each session includes multiple tastings of the bevvy in question, as much learnin’ as you can imbibe, and we’ll even throw in some pub trivia style antics to keep you on your toes.
Topics will cover all types of vino, cocktails, spirits, beer, plus low or non-alcoholic bevvies.
We practice Mindful Drinking. It’s about appreciating each mouthful, not getting pissed.
Light snacks will be provided. Ok, chips, chips will be provided… Feel free to bring along your own food as well. There will be time to eat while we wait for the stragglers. “




What do you think?

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