Stand-up Comedy Workshop

14th July 2019
Comedy Training Afternoon

Give me an edge and I’ll live on it
Special workshop event for anyone who signs up to our newbies stand-up night at Roth’s Wine Bar in Mudgee.



Speaking and Grazing

12th June 2019
Public Speaking Workshops

Use your vulnerability as a tool to be more confident
Special workshop events with food and drink as an introduction to the six-week course in September

Ultimate Girls Wellness Weekend

27th April, 2019
Workshop: Communicating as your authentic self
A 2-hour workshop using a guided approach to help others use authenticity and vulnerability to be more confident in who they are when they communicate. It’s taught at a very steady pace in a very supportive, and always entertaining, environment.

Jess ran a workshop for one of my retreats. She ran it at the start of the weekend and it helped the women really open up and feel safe to talk and connect. The girls loved her workshop and I would certainly get her back to do my other retreats in the future.”

Erin Sharwood, Inner Light Collective